CDC offers a Random Selection Program.  The Random Selection Program is a computer based selection process. All your employees’ names and social security numbers/company I.D. is entered in to the random program.  On a monthly or quarterly basis your random selection will be printed.  This report will be sent to you. 

The percentage, number of employees selected and frequency of the random selection process is dependent upon the needs of your company.


A Random Consortium is designed for companies with 1 – 10 employees.  This allows companies with owner operators to still comply with DOT or companies with only a few employees can still provide random testing.  These companies are put together to make one larger company in the Random program.  The process is still computer based and conducted the same as above.

NOTE:  This process works well with the on-site collections.


CDC offers specimen collections and alcohol testing on your company’s premises or any other designated location.  This service provides many benefits.  It will eliminate the “down-time” with your employees driving to and waiting at the collection site.  It can also be performed during a shift change. 

Whether the specimen collection and/or Alcohol Test are done on-site or in our office, you will have a trained and experienced collector; one who is a Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT’s) in accordance with DOT Regulations.


CDC utilizes Medical Review Officers (MRO). A Medical Review Officer is a practicing physician with a certification by the National Medical Review Officer Association.  The MRO is experienced in the field of Substance abuse recognition and rehabilitation, and is knowledgeable of drug testing requirements mandated by federal regulations.  The MRO is the only person authorized to speak with the donor and to get any medical information from the donor that would reflect upon the results of a test.

DRUG TESTING Urine is the most common sample collection and the only specimen type approved for D.O.T. drug testing.


A urine sample is taken and sent directly to the lab for screening and confirmation. Non-DOT and DOT lab testing services are available. Panels available:  1 to 10 drugs plus expanded opiates. Negatives are generally reported in 24 hours & Non-Negatives will take longer, due to the fact that

they will be sent for confirmation and, depending on donors cooperation.


​Rapid Urine Test will have initial results in 5-10 minutes.  Non-negatives are sent to the lab for confirmation. Panels available:  1 to 10 drugs. Negatives are generally reported immediately & Non-Negatives will take longer, due to the fact that they will be sent for confirmation and, depending on donors cooperation.


Hair test provides a longer history of drug exposure than any other matrix.  Test panels available: 1 to 10 drugs plus expanded opiates. Results report from the lab in 2-3 days. Hair detection time is generally up to 90 days provided the hair is 1 1/2 inches long. A small sample of hair will be collected from your head.  Body hair (arm, leg, under arm, chest and facial hair) can also be used.


ALCOHOL TESTING EQUIPMENT (Breath) Drager Breathalyzer 7410 with printer.  The Drager Breathalyzer, temperature-controlled fuel cell guarantees exceptional accuracy at very low ethanol concentrations.  The results are reported and printed immediately.  The Drager Breathalyzer 7410 is approved by the Department of Transportation. All of our operators are certified trained Breath Alcohol Technicians.


ORAL FLUID TEST (Saliva) The Alco-Screen 02 is a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and provide an approximation of relative blood alcohol concentration.  Alco-Screen 02 is very simple; just one step: It's a 4-minute test requiring no instrumentation, calibration or special training to be used effectively, and is convenient enough to be used at any time, any place. The Alco-Screen 02 is approved by Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) alcohol screening, but not for confirmation on a positive alcohol screening.  URINE LAB-BASED ALCOHOL TEST
Detection times for the urine lab-based alcohol test can be up to 80 hours.  This test is 99.9% accurate and takes approximately three business days for the results.

CDC offers the convenience of a full range of services. 

Our testing services include drug tests such as urine drug testing, hair follicle testing and rapid drug screening results.   Why contract with multiple vendors when CDC can be your one stop shop for your Employee Screening needs?   CDC can create and customized substance abuse program to meet your company needs including federal requirements, when applicable:

  • A collection site(s) in your area to collect the urine samples for your drug tests and to conduct alcohol testing.

  • A Drug testing laboratory (certified through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to analyze the drug test. 

  • A Medical Review Officer (certified through the American Association of Medical Review Officers) to interpret the drug test results.

The drug testing procedure is easy.  Once your account is setup, the "Chain-of-Custody” (C.O.C.) forms will be sent to you or your designated collection site.  When you are ready to drug test an employee (or prospective employee) you simply send the individual to your designated collection site.  They will collect the sample and send it to the lab.

 The lab will then sent it to the MRO.  Your results are e-mailed or faxed to you directly.  We can also send test results by U.S. Mail.   Once a month, CDC will invoice your company for the tests that were conducted the previous month.  You only receive one bill; CDC pays the collection site, laboratory, and the Medical Review Officer.      That’s It!


Clean & Sober?  Find out for sure.  CDC Drug Testing.