Clean & Sober?  Find out for sure.  CDC Drug Testing.


CDC has been assisting companies and individuals

with drug and alcohol testing and onsite drug testing since 1994.​

Alcohol and drug abuse are widespread problems in our society, and it affects us all in many ways.  Although national, state and local efforts have begun to show encouraging results, the problem of alcohol and other drug abuse remains a serious issue.

No workplace is immune and CDC wants you to know this: ​

  • According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 73 percent of all current drug users ages 19-49 are full time or part time employed – more than 8.3 million workers.

Employers who think alcohol and other drug abuse will never be a problem in their workplace should consider this: job applicants who can’t pass drug tests or alcohol testing tend to apply to companies that don’t require workplace drug testing.

Drug testing your employees can be a very delicate matter; whether it is company policy or Federally mandated.  It is important to have a company representing you that has a level of professionalism and integrity.  

The process of running an exceptional substance abuse program involves many facets including policy implementation, employee notifications, management and payment services for the lab and collection sites, results reporting, medical review and processing, D.O.T. reporting and program management, and employee rehabilitation programs.  These are important but time consuming tasks.

CDC is committed to providing this and much more to our clients, as well as excellent customer service.